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Terri is currently in the band. The Screws. They have recorded 2 albums so far...below are some links for pictures and interviews:

Pictures of the Screws at Shakedown 2000 [first 7 photos]

A Screws interview/info page

A Screws page at in the red records [includes a pic of Terri + Kerri]

Pics of the Screws in Japan

More pics of the Screws in Japan

Kerri has a new band, also, called The Two Tears, along with Dirty from RFTC. You can reach Kerri and the band at The address can also be found on the imusic bulletin board and a kerry fan page. Kerri and Dirty were both in Beehive and the Barracudas and recorded an album with Flapping Jet records. A link to a listening station is here.

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