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When i was a kid

I thought i did

I thought i did

I thought i saw

A freakathon

Then they cut

My fingers off

(I saw it)

When i was a kid

I'm not a kid

I'm not a kid

I thought a freak

A freak was wrong

Can i cut your fingers off

(I want em)

She's a real gone Daddy

Hey what you lookin' at

Down at the Freakathon

I'm gonna hit you with a bat

She's gonna cut it all loose

In a skin tight suit

Down at the Freakathon

"Tinfoil Fishbowl"

Cook you eggs

Fuck all night

Like my legs

That's all right

That's all right

Know you like it

Yes I do

Oil & Coffee

Know it's true


I been kicked in the teeth

I been kicked it the head

I should be hating you

but I hate them all instead

I hate everyone but you

"Detroit Valentine"

Hit you with a hammer

Hit you 'til yer dead

And then I'm gonna cut off yer motherfuckin head

Waiting on Black Mountain with my razor and my gun

I'll cut him if he stands still and shoot him if he runs

Hey Daddy yer a suave motherfucker

Be my Detroit Valentine

I fell in love from Dallas Texas with yer screaming

x-ray whine thats right

Gimme....Detroit Valentine

A thirteen and a four leaf clover means to call me anytime

Hey Daddy yer a suave motherfucker

Be my Detroit Valentine

Where the fuck is Tuscon Arizona

On a record from Anaheim


Sometimes when I see you my heart starts to ache &

You know I got a krush on you

My brain gets all fuzzy and my knees start to shake &

You know I got a krush on you

Go (x3)

Then I feel dizzy and I'm spinnin around &

You know I got a krush on you

My hands are electric and my skins on fire &

You know I got a krush on you

Go (x3)

I just wanna scream and tell you how I feel cuz

You know I got a krush on you

My hands start to shake and my stomach starts to hurt &

You know I got a krush on you


'69 Coupe De Ville/Yer fuckin picture on a dollar bill

Donald's kid or Jagger's wife/You'll be 25 for the rest of yer life

(Chorus) You gimme the fever/you gimme the fever

To the root of my brain

You understand me/you can command me

Yer the blood in my vein

A ton of pot, kona gold/A scoop on the best story ever told

Bags of cash brought to yer door/Whatever you want there's always


Servants at yer beck and call/A thousand young men to give you their all

Anything yer heart desires/Just for yer soul to burn in my fire


"Rollerderby Queen"

Rollerderby Queen

I want you to kiss me on the lips

When you kill some jive ass roller bitch

I'm the queen yer gonna die

Cross my path and yer gonna fly


My name's Willabell, from the book of names

Jump in the backseat baby and hold on tight

I'm gonna floor it sweet thing and fly you like a kite

I'm gonna take you for a ride you won't forget

I'm gonna blow the sails off yer motherfuckin ship

Oh Daddy I'm a fool to cry

Tell me Willabell are you Daddy's girl?

"When Sugar Turns To Shit"

You picked me up as I melted to the ground

Held my hands as I slithered down

I'm layin on the floor and I can feel you touch

Come on baby I want you so much

Sometimes when I'm up in the sky lookin down

At the stars below I'm thinkin about the time we

Met and I know what you're doin to me I can see thru

Your eyes and I can see to the back of your head

And I can't stand what your doin to me cuz I ain't a little girl anymore

"Poker Party"

The dealer chase the ante/You sit and play yr hand

Raise it, call it, lay it/Two pair don't beat a straight

The game is Texas hold 'em/The first two both bet blind

You'll know when you should fold 'em/How'd you get 3 of a kind?

Lookin good with a pair of aces/But I can't read yr face

Showin four to the flush/You won't know if I bluff

Choose the game and shuffle/Right hand man cut the deck

A wild card's extra muscle/Who's got the one-eyed Jack?

"Peppermint Patty"

Peppermint Patty she's a real fine daddy

Dressed in her army pants

Man they got her in a trance

Now she's a crossing guard

Johnny's got her working hard

She's gonna rob yr bank

In her army tank

Then she'll walk the plank






"Number One Chicken"

I had to take the train again

Damn 405 Damn 710

I thought you said you were my friend

You know I got no ride

You know I am the #1 Chicken

You know I am scared to drive

You know I am the #1 Chicken

"Poor Ole Netty"

I bought the wrong record again

It's got one song that isn't bad

I'll clean the house and ger down to

The one good song that isn't you

It goes something like this

Netty from South Carolina

Lost her kids and couldn't find 'em

Found 'em in the wishing well

And Poor Ole Netty gone to hell