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What bands were you in before you became Muse?
Matt: "Youngblood, Carnage Mayhem - this was when I was 12 by the way, um, Gothic Plague, Rocket Baby Dolls…Muse."
Was there some kind of theme running through these bands?
"They all had death metal names but we all played cheesy pop!" explains Dom.
Matt elaborates, "We did a cover of a Michael Jackson song, but it was a good cover" he hurriedly adds, "it was like, heavy…"
Dom chips in, "…We’re Carnage Mayhem and this is a Michael Jackson song."
"What about you?" Matt asks Chris.
"Um, Fixed Penalty, then I took your place in Youngblood, Gothic Plague then I joined Fixed Penalty again, then Rocket Baby Dolls."
Matt: "We were called Rocket Baby Dolls for about a week, no, two, well, a month. We were recovering from Gothic Plague. You know, wearing a lot of make up and we looked like The Cure in their early days but we sounded like Nirvana at their heaviest. That’s when we started off about five years ago, but we shortly changed, about a year later."