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ECOLOGY RESOURCES FOR SCHOOLS: Some UK organisations worth contacting


The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

Can give advice and practical assistance with greening schemes, to bring life to grey areas.






Centre for Alternative Technology

A visitor centre and publisher of curriculum material concerning renewable energy, conservation, organic growing and ecology.



SY20 9AZ.


Centre for Global Education

Provides very good curriculum development projects; works with teachers, schools and LEAs for activies-based education with a global perspective. Has produced an essential guide book: Grieg, et al. (1987).

Can be contacted at:

York University,



YO1 5DD.


Council Services

Councils have workers specifically assigned to environmental and sustainable development work. They can usually assist with school projects, such as composting and recycling schemes, and will know a large number of useful contacts.

Manchester City Council's "Recycling Officer" is Pete Stevens. Tel: (0161) 234 4629.


Development of Education Project

Provide environmental teacher training. Based in Didsbury, Manchester.

Tel: (0161) 445 2495.


EMERGE (East Manchester Environment and Resources Group Emerge)

EMERGE is a voluntary, Manchester-based community group who collect and recycle domestic waste from over 700 households and businesses. They promote waste reduction and raise awareness of environmental issues through their Arts and Education programme. This includes the running of workshops and the provision of recycling facilities in schools.

They can be contacted at:

EMERGE Recycling
Units E1-5 New Smithfield Market,
East Manchester,
M11 2WJ

Tel: (0161) 223 8200; Fax: (0161) 231 2141


Friends of the Earth

Have an education worker and produce large amounts of useful material. Have several regional bases, though the main centre is:

26-28 Underwood St,
N1 7JQ.


Green Teacher

A bi-monthly periodical, written by and published for ecologically-minded teachers. This is edited by the author of "Teaching Green" (Randle, 1989), an invaluable and inspiring guide to ecological work within schools. The book contains practical advice, reports of successful "green" projects, and a vast range of further resources available from organisations and publications.

Periodicals available from:



SY20 8DN.


Higher Education Institutes

H.E. establishments (universities, colleges, etc.) will often be very helpful in lending technical assistance, advice or equipment (e.g. microscopes) to schools. Just ask.


Manchester Environment Education Network

Produce a widely distributed newsletter ("The Beehive") and hold links with a vast array of organisations and individuals - well worth contacting for further resources.

Contact: Ruth Levy at Stanley Grove Infant School, Manchester. Tel: (0161) 224 9495.


MERCi (Manchester Environmental Resource Centre initiative)

MERCi is a non-profitting group in the process of converting a multi-storey buiding in central Manchester, into a centre for sustainable development. This will act as a base to bring urban sustainability that is relevant to local businesses, voluntary groups, schools and residents. Environmental education resources will be paramount, with reference areas, interactive exhibitions and workshops for schoolchildren. The possibility of setting up a small school for 11-16 year olds is being investigated.

MERCi is developing an school workshop package, which is to include the "Moving Manchester" solar- and bicycle-powered, mobile, interactive exhibition. Following teacher consultation, appropriate workshops are currently given at schools, e.g. for developing children's own ideas about environmental and social problems, their root causes, those accountable and potential solutions.

They are also able to loan literature of environmental information. They can be contacted at:

22a Beswick Street,
M4 7HS.

Tel: (0161) 273 1736; Fax: (0161) 273 1736



Give 8 per tonne of recycled aluminium cans to a children's charity.


36 Grovesnor Gdns,

London SW1.


TTS (Technology Teaching Systems)

Supply science materials for schools, e.g. soil packs for use in the soil experiments. Address:

Monk Rd,

Alfreton, Tel: (01773) 830255

DE55 7RL.


Waste Watch

Publishes studies and runs national courses for teachers, LEAs, councils, etc. concerning waste minimisation, community recycling and sustainable development.

London-based. Tel: (0171) 248 1818.


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