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Members Of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

Dave...just Dave -Lagwagon - The drummer is ordinarily the person who serves as a whipping boy for any given band. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes is no exception. Dave is the standout talent of the Gimme Gimmes, having trained intensively for 8 years with Bun E. Carlos. He holdsseveral honors and awards from drumming contests, includingconsecutive trophies from the highly esteemed national drum competition, The Great Beat Off. And yet despite being the most talented, least egotistical, and friendliest member of the outfit, he is still the least respected.

Dave is so underappreciated that none of the other Gimme Gimmes have even bother to find out his real name is. In fact, Dave is so often excluded from association with Gimme Gimmes that recently the press, mistaking Dave for a wayward roadie, jokingly dubbed him "The Fifth Gimme Gimme" not realizing that the band was a five piece and that Dave actually was The Fifth Gimme Gimmes! This lends credence to age old joke:Q-"What do you call someone who always hangs out with the band?" A-"The drummer".

Fat Mike -Nofx - He plays bass

Jake "Chris" Jackson -No Use For A Name - As the Gimme Gimme responsible for the searing guitar work, he is not only talented, but cute, and best of all, single! Jackson, as he likes the girls to call him, is the Casinova of punk rock. In fact, he's such a swinger that a special wing of the San Francisco Free Clinic was named after him. It's no suprise that this former model for "Playgirl" and "Honcho" is a player that the women scream for (and I do mean "player").

However, it's obvious by listening to this album(Have A Ball)that Jackson's talent can be measured by more than just mere inches. His fret board Wizardry conjures the mastery of classic guitar gods with a style that empasizes subtle power and flawless techniques. He was bornto perform on the stage-literally! His mother gave birth to Jackson on stage while working as a go-go dancer for The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. Is it any wonder that as he plays in front of adoring fans, Jackson finds his popularity is, if you will, spreading?

Spike "Spike" Slawson -Swingin' Utters - Spike, known by "Spike", exudes the very essence of the talent from every pore. Despite being born without lips, he managed to turn a possible liability into one goldmineof an asset. Spike began performing at an early age, crooning "Send In The Clowns" between acts for Circus Vargas. He eventually earned enough money for a lip graft and rest, as they say, is history.

Now as the "ringmaster" for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Spike is always the main attraction when he takes center stage. After all, "Vargas" is only two letters away from "Vegas" ...and Vegas means showmanship. Spike has showmanship in his blood tenfold! Comparisons to Elvis, Sinatra, and Manilow have been made, but make no mistake, Spike is in a class by himself. The soothing sounds of his golden voice flow from this bleached-blonde Adonis like cool water bubbling frm a mountain spring.

Joey Cape- Lagwagon - Being the grandson of Billy Barty, entertainment is second nature to him. With the heritage of such a predominantly short family, his parents thought he resembled a baby kangaroo at birth, hence the moniker Joey. But the apple certainly did not fall far from the tree in this showbiz family ...for such a little guy, he certainlydoes not come up "short" on talent.

Cleverly crafted guitar work is Joey's specialty and he serves up a heaping helping on every track. In casual conversation, Joey is reserved, modest, and amicable, yet on stage, he transforms a one man, musical monsoon. His penchant for outlandish stage makeup, billowy, renaissance-themed costumes and his uncanny ability to simulateously play guitar and knee cymbals makes him a "pop" music enigma.

As you can see, the combined impact of these musical monliths on the "pop" charts is guaranteed to send ripples... no, make that a tidal wave... through the music industry.