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Lure Coursing


WOW I can hardly believe it!! Bagheera ran in only 4 ASFA trials, took 1st Place in each trial and finished in only 4 trials!! WOW!!!

And then went on to finish his AKC FC in just 5 trials. Bagheera has placed 1st in every AKC trial except for his first in Oct. 1999.

On Saturday, March 8, 2000 he entered his first AKC trial as a Field Champion. The RR entry was high and the open stakes were split (total RR entry all stakes = 27)
Bagheera had a FABULOUS day! He had great stake runs, and tied so ran off for 1-2-3, then he tied in that run and ran off for 1-2. He then went on to win that run and took 1st place in the specials stake. Then onto the big stuff!! He ran off against the veteran (also pictured below) what a great run... That girl Shorty is something else... but Bagheera won that one... And then onto the BOB run, and he won that as well... Not too bad for a first day in the Specials stake!
After six runs on a 650+ yard course, that boy was still raring to go!!

These two shots were taken at the GSSA ASFA Trial at the end of November. It's the Best of Breed run between Open 1st Place Bagheera (yellow), FCH 1st Place, Ida (blue) and Veterans 1st Place (Shorty). What a day it was!!! Ida took BOB that day and boy she deserved it!!


Here I am at my first ASFA Trial - and boy did I kick butt!!! I took 1st place in the Open Stake over 12 Ridgebacks and got 40 pts towards my ASFA FCH. Mom and Dad sure were proud!!!

Since I did so well at my first two trials (took 1st place both times) - Mom decided we'd take a road trip out to Pittsburg for the ASFA Region 8 Invitational... BUMMER though - no other open dogs! Oh well I had a blast any way and ran great - even though it was FREEZING and then it started sleeting and snowing!!


Hey don't forget about ME!! I may not be as FAST as you are little bro' but NO ONE can beat my follow!!! Here I am at the ASFA trial back in September when it was still warm!!

I WILL catch that bunny!!!


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Photos courtesy of Steve Surfman
Deerhound Photo Guy Photography
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