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Well this is Slim's page. He's a 10yr old TB/QH cross gelding owned by my uncle Darrin. He is black with just a small white marking on his hind left cornet. He has lots of nicknames, but I usually just call him goof or goofball. He reminds me of the Black Stallion because he acts much the same, except he lets more than one person ride him. I'm about the only one who can go right out into the pasture or corral and catch him. Everyone else has to chase him around for hours before he'll give in and let them catch him. Slim and me are the best of buds. I get along with him really well and he always seems to understand how I feel all the time. He is very smart! He can open any gate on the farm without a problem and undo any rope as well so we always have to keep an eye on him incase he decides to let a pen of cows out. He has gone on a few trips during the night to snoop around the yard and other peoples fields, but he always returns home by morning (he should learn to erase his tracks so we don't know he got out). He is a awesome cattle horse and loves his job working with cattle. I started doing some english flatwork on him, and lunging him over fences. He can do an awesome extended trot! Thats one of his specialities. He isn't much into walking, he doesn't like that gait, it must be to slow for him! I think he will definitly make a great jumper, he was all the althletic abilities, and more, I think he is another Altair (Beth Underhills horse). Anyways, he is the greatest horse in the world I think, I would never trade him in for anything!