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Pepper Te'N'Te

Pepper Te'N'Te is my cousin Christina's reg. QH mare. Pepper is 4yrs old, grey, and 14.3hh. She is really slow and stubborn when riding her. I am hoping Christina will let me try her out english. That might solve the slow and stubborn problem. She just needs more contact. She loves eating!!! If you give her a pail of oats, your her friend until she wants more. Pep is a cousin to Max and Gypsy, of course by the stud Te'N'Te. Pepper has really changed from 3yr old to 4yr old. Not like size or anything, but her attitude. Her attitude was really bad ever since she was a foal when Christina got her as a 5 month old foal. She had a bad habit of kicking! She nicked Christina once, not very hard, but still she shouldn't have even tried too. She got my uncle Rob twice kicking, and she got him really good too. I was always afraid of her as a foal. Her attitude slowly changed and is now fun to hang around. I really think Slim had something to do the attitude change! Pepper is really easy to catch, all you have to do is call her name and she'll come galloping up to you full tilt (she always thinks I have oats, I actually do most of the time).