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Pat and Penny

Pat and Penny are sharing this page. They are both Belgians and my grandpa owns them. They are 14yrs old, my grandpa has had them since they were yearlings. Pat has got the non socializing attitude, she likes to be left alone, unless you have oats. She likes a pat now and then, but she certainly will tell you whether or not she wants you around. Penny has got a softer attitude. She loves people, she hates ever being away from the other horses, she gets lonely very easily. Pat and Penny are a sled team, they always went into parades and everything, but now they are just too big for there harnesses, they outgrew them 2yrs ago. Plus Penny has been having problems with her hooves so its better that she doesn't do any work. They bother her in winter, but she is good in summer. It must be arthritis. Both of them are chestnuts and have a blaze. Pat is a darker chestnut and Penny is a lighter color.