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Little Mint Paddy

Little Mint Paddy is the biggest Sweetheart in the world! She is a reg. QH mare. She is a solid bay 3yr old mare. She loves attention and horse cookies!!! Paddy will always have her head hanging over your shoulder for attention. She would have made on of the best riding horses (probably would have done awesome in disipline) but she had a terrible injury 2yrs ago. She got caught up in some barb wire and just about lost her right front hoof. She was at the vet college for about a month having surgeries done and stuff like that to save her. Paddy has lots of heart and of course is just about back to normal. Her leg has gotten really strong, but she will never be able to be ridden because her liagiments (I think it those) were to badly damaged. The vet said she could be a broodmare, so my uncle Robbie (he owns her) is thinking about breeding her this spring. She might be bred to Gypsy's dad!!!!!!!!! I really hope so. Paddy is going to be a good mother, I hope she will pass her temperment to all her foals