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Max was a cousin to Gypsy, they both had Te'N'Te in their backgrounds. Max is a reg. QH gelding. He is bay with a small white spot on his withers from an old saddle sore. He is 13yrs old. My uncle Darrin owns him, he bought Max about 5yrs ago now. When Max came to the farm he was really skinny and had resperatory problems. We think this last owners had him on molding hay for a long time. We gave him all summer on pasture and now he is in really good health. He is in good weight, his breathing has really improved, but it will start to act up after a hard days work. I really think he enjoys it at the farm. He loves to pester me for horse cookies, he absolutly loves them!!! Max is learning to jump. He is actually really good at it too!!!! He is such a goofy guy, at first all he did was spook at a jump and now as soon as he sees it he gets hyper and everything he loves it soooo much. I have high hopes for this guy now to turn into a hunter:) He is really good at judging distances on his own too:)