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Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose was my horse, the first horse I have ever owned. She was a reg. QH, Tes Beauty (that was her registered name). She was a solid black mare. She stood about 15.3hh. She died Sept. 1998 from twist colic. I bought her when I was 13 and she was 7 months old. She was 4yrs old when she died. Gypsy was one of the greatest horses in my life, I miss her a lot. I had many great times with her, I had planned to train her for jumping, she would have been a great jumper. She had a couple of nicknames like Babe and sweetheart. I learned a lot from Gypsy. I remember the one time when she was 3yrs old in summer, she had hardly any training, I had just started her that summer, and I was very stupid that day and got on her bareback with no bridle. Well I had Sheba and Max in the corral I was riding in and both of them spooked which scared Gypsy. She took of running (I was hanging on for dear life!) and she took a sharp turn. I went flying into a corner, right where Sheba was standing (I was stupidly not wearing a helmet too). Sheba kicked out, just missing my head!!! I got up after that and well my arm was bleeding pretty good, I went to go find my dad then. He just laughed at the story, which is now funny but wasn't at the time, all he said was that I just got a little road rash! Then he came back with me to the barn yard and I put the saddle on her and rode her around then with bridle on too. My dad led her around for a while with me to make sure both of us were settled down. I can't believe I was that stupid at the time, but I learned my lesson after that. The first time I was on Gypsy was when she was a yearling. She just let me hop on bareback, that was one of the greatest days in my life! It just seemed like yesterday that I was out in the pasture with her and Sheba. I really with she was here with me now. I hate not having her around. The longest time that I was ever away from her was for about 3 weeks when she went to the trainer (which the trainer did absolutly nothing with her). She had lots of character, her fav. thing to do was chase the dogs around when she thought nobody was looking and of course chase the cattle around for fun.