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Nordal Glamorous

Nordal Glamorous (72G) is a purebred Limousin heifer (well I guess now a cow). She is 2yrs old and red (Fantasia is red too) and is a fullblood sister to Fantasia. Both her and Fantasia are owned by my grandpa. They are more or less identical. Glamor loves attention and really loves people, but she isn't to fond to strangers, she likes people that she knows. Fantasia just loves everyone she sees. Glamor has a few nicknames like Spoiled Rotten #2 and my grandpa's favorite: Pain in the Butt. My grandpa loves calling her that because she always seems to be in his way, she always wants to be patted or else rub her head on you. She is very cute. The most exciting news is she has her first calf Feb. 19 at 6:03am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a black bull calf out of the bull Lasso (Champion yearling bull). He is an awesome sized calf, one of the best so far!!! Glamor needed a bit of help calving. The calf has no name yet, he looks like his dad and has the attitude of his mother!!!! He is soooo lazy, he sleeps 98% of the time, I had to move him into this other pen and it was only a few steps to take but according to him it was like 5 miles. I had to push him the whole way. He already loves to be patted, hopefully he won't grow out of that (Fantasia's calf did last year). Just like Glamor, he always seems to be in the way! LOL! He just plants his butt down right in the gateway all the time, so every half hour you have to get him up to move so he doesn't get stepped on my any other cow. Glamor is a great mother! I am very happy for her! This year will be her last year for showing and hopefully will just be the start of her calf's show career. The pair will be showing at my cousins 4H Acheivement Day in summer. Glamorous showed as a yearling at the Western Agribition and won Reserve Champion Pen of heifers. She was with 4 of our other heifers in the pen class. Also as a yearling she showed at 4H and won Grand Champion Heifer.