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Nordal Fantasia (72F)

This is Nordal Fantasia's page (reg. # is 72F). She is my favorite cow. She is 3yrs old. Ever since she was a calf she has loved people. Fantasia is a purebred Limousin cow. In my opinion she is a horse trapped in a cows body! She is very cute! She has a couple of nicknames like Spoil Rotten and Fanny. Her favorite treat is horse cookies. She has had two calves now, Nordal T-Rex and Nordal Seven of Hearts (this years awesome calf). Fantasia always enjoys the attention, she gets mad if you pay more attention to her calf then to her. Last year was her last year in showing. She showed at the Western Agribition and placed 2nd in her class as a yearling. Then at a 4H Achievement Day of my cousin Christinas, she won Grand Champion Heifer. Also as a yearling she showed at the Nokomis Fair and won Grand Champion in every class she was in. As a 2yr old she went to another Achievement Day with Christina and won Best Cow/Calf Pair. That was her last show, she won that hands down the judge said, she could withstand very heavy compitition and still win easily. She maybe be a cow, but she is definitly very cool!!!