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Cowboy is more or less a pain in the butt, but is such a goofy guy. He's chestnut with a star, stripe, and snip, and has a half sock on his hind leg. Cowboy is a reg. Paint gelding and is 3yrs old, owned by my uncle Robbie. He hates the saddle and according to him, he'll not take the saddle. Last time we put the saddle on him, he took of full speed galloping and bucking then jumped a 6ft steel gait! He had to wait for a while till he calmed down to take off the saddle, that wasn't even the first time he had it on. I don't know if he'll ever take the saddle. He'll run you over to stay away from the saddle blanket. Then once he's out in the pasture he's as quiet as can be. Cowboy loves attention, I just wish that he'd take the saddle. He'd be an amazing jumper!!! Maybe my trip to the Grand Prix ring!!! Cowboys a great horse but watch out when he doesn't like something or gets spooked because he might run over you. Trust me, with fly spray he'll run you down to get away from it!