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Please find Saskatchewan information here, concerning SUN, (Saskatchewan Union of Nurses), SAHO, (Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations), the NDP government, the closing of the Plains Health Center in Regina and more recent blunders made in healthcare in Saskatchewan.

Also find links to many news worthy sites around the province.

June 11 2003

A full year I have waited for good news to come to the healthcare front!

What have we got in the interim?

  1. Mandatory overtime has been reduced but not eliminated.
  2. Staffing levels are still at a critical level much of the time with nurses overwhelmed with short staffed workloads.
  3. Overtime remains at or near the all time high of the last 3-5 years.
  4. Some talk has taken place concerning increasing student enrollment but it is not happening in reality - in fact the Registered Psychiatric Nursing program has been all but decimated!

What do we have that's good or better?

  1. Overtime almost makes it worthwhile to be a nurse.
  2. Regular salaries would be adequate in an acceptable work environment but that is still a long way off.
  3. Improved parking has been discussed but remains limited at best and the fees keep going up and the snow is never removed in a timely fashion. 
Check out the Commentary page for the really big Fyke news!

My "Exodus" page has not kept up to date with physicians leaving the province as the media has begun to treat their leaving as a non-event as they slip away un-noticed we find fewer and less qualified personal attempting ot take up the burden on behalf of Saskatchewan citizens.

I recently reviewed my comments from the 1999 election.
It's a bit disturbing to see how true much of my sarcasm turned out to be!


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