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Hockey Humor
Top Ten Signs Your Household Name Recognition is Low

Hockey stick! Don't get Checked!

10. Even announcers refer to you as "That guy with that wicked name".

9. Getting put on the Disabled List gets you the most publicity.

8. Your agent says "SHOW ME YOUR I.D.!", when you say "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!".

7. Team trainers won't let you into practice unless you get Coach.

6. You fail to show up to practice and nobody notices...

5. You play for the LA Kings...

4. You've been traded for 25 lbs. of Strawberries and a fruit to-be-named-later.

3. Coach keeps calling you "Skippy" because he doesn't remember your real name.

2. Goalies keep mistaking you as the equipment manager.

1. You are sent down to the minors and nobody notices.

Hockey stick! Don't get Checked!


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