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Hockey Humor
Top Ten Biggest Lies in Hockey

Hockey stick! Don't get Checked!

10. "We think the referee made the right call."

9. "That foot-in-the-crease" has really improved the game in many ways."

8. [Anything having to do with Mike Keenan]

7. [Anything having to do with press coverage of how salary negotiations proceed in a friendly manner]

6. "We think his agent advised him very wisely."

5. "Don't sweat it, kid -- we're just sending you down to the minors for a few weeks."

4. "Our players never take painkiller injections."

3. "I don't care if I am not scoring, so long as the team is winning."

2. "Honest coach, I only had two beers last night."

1. "Don't worry, my roommate is a really heavy sleeper."

Hockey stick! Don't get Checked!


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