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Also to be known as: The Area That is Lacking in Light; ie, The Lair of Insufficient Light. ^~;

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Updates--What's new on my site. (Warning: I've been known to rant. ^.~;;)
Fanfiction--As of right now, my collection is entirely too pitiful.
Fanart/Gifts to Lil' Ol' Me--Yes, that's right, fanart. I don't have very much at this point, so send 'em in. And gifts, well, gotta put them somewhere, ne?
About Le Moi--If you need me to explain this, I don't think you should be using a computer...
Submission Guidelines--Umm....o.o No more stuff, please, for now. ^^;; Until I get new guidelines written, and post what stuff I have already.
Unrelated Crap--This is for all my unrelated stuff. Whatever I come up with in my spare time, I guess.
fallen's Psychobabbling--Um...basically crap that I feel like ranting about. It'll also contain, *gasp* a morsel of actual info sometimes! (updated: 4.25.01)
Links--Check out some of the sites out there that are so much better than mine.
Babbling Darkness--My messageboard!

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