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My Canary Page

I Love Canaries

This page is about canaries. I love canaries. Right now I have 2 canaries a male named Mango and a female named Clover. Clover is sitting on a nest agian,but am afraid if she lays eggs agian they wont hatch. She has laid eggs a couple of times befoe and they did'nt hatch. I had another female that did hatch her eggs. I loved watching all this so I'm hoping Clover will do good this time. Mango and Clover live in a nice big cage together. They are so happy all of the time. I feed them canary seeds the pellets they sell for them and I give them lettuce,celery,corn,any vegetable I've got . Sometimes I give them pieces of bread or a doughnut they love these treats. They are very tame and come right to me when I'm putting in a treat. I've had all kinds of birds from finch to parrots but canaries are my best....
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