Keep It As Snow

"It's a crying shame, ain't it?"
"What's that?"
"The snow. They're makin' it all dirty and horrible. It's like life, Taylor Hanson... Don't let your life turn to slush. Keep it as snow."

Here's "Keep It As Snow." It's the sequel to "Is Yesterday Tomorrow Today?", and contains a lot of the same characters as the previous story, as well as a lot of new ones. But the stories themselves are totally different.

"Keep It As Snow" is, like it's predecessor, about the effects the people we meet have on us as human beings, but things are deeper this time. Zac doesn't feel normal, but what is normal? Is there even a normal? Is there such a thing as an average person; is it possible for people to be catergorised into little pigeon holes? Can we ever completely fit in?

Things change, and when they do, can we ever get them back to the way they used to be - the idealised image that we keep in our memories, omitting all the bad parts? In this story, Hanson are about to find out.

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