Is Yesterday Tomorrow Today?


Write down all the things that you'd like to be
Write down all the things that you don't believe
Write down all the places you'd like to see
Write down all the things that you want
Is yesterday, tomorrow, today?

"Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?" - the amazing Stereophonics


"...And Taylor?"
"Is yesterday, tomorrow, today?"

We're all given so much conflicting advice in life, how do you know which parts to follow? I believe that Hanson are just as confused as the rest of us. Bad things happen to them, too. Just because they're famous, it doesn't mean they're not trying to figure out what the heck life is all about. In this story, set just before recording of "This Time Around" begins, Isaac, Taylor and Zac begin to realise that life is not a bed of roses...


Chapter One
"Erm, wasn't that Britney Spears?"

Chapter Two
"Zac, you on a Renaissance trip or something?"

Chapter Three
"They have lawnmowers for that, you know."

Chapter Four
"There's not enough room, Zac. It's a small bed."

Chapter Five
"Lucy was not written about your mangy mutt!"

Chapter Six
"Barney waits for no man..."

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
"I look like a Julian..."

Chapter Nine
"Does that outfit come provided with sunglasses, or do you have to pay extra?"

Chapter Ten
"Zac Hanson's Bed-Bouncing, Fat-Burning Workout!"

Chapter Eleven
"He thinks he's a bat!"

Chapter Twelve
"Oh, you mean Pondscum?"

Chapter Thirteen
"What'd you do, stab the toaster?"

Chapter Fourteen
"It's the revenge of the Snickers bar!"

Chapter Fifteen
"A Zaction Man!"

Chapter Sixteen
"I didn't know your secret ambition was to become Mr America."

Chapter Seventeen
"I think you've got some strange brain disease!"


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