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Carnage Coiled

Springs you did too tightly wind

In dark corners of my mind

The memory of the pain still lingers

carnage coiled within my fingers

Wicked wisps of hate and rage

surface as I turn each page

back in time past all your sin

the anger bounces round within

lashing at my heart and lung

with each lie from your twisted tongue

all these things I remember - yet

it's loving you I least regret


You slipped your fingers round my soul

and it my mind you made it whole

you set my foolish heart afire

so recklessly I did desire

nothing more than your hand in mine

purest passion ever entwined

your hair I so gently caressed

your hand laid gently on my chest

the sleight of smile upon your face

the tenderness of each embrace

with all these things you did so tempt me

then crushed my soul and left it empty

all these things I remember - yet

it's loving you I least regret


I tear the image from my eyes

as from the depths the feelings rise

forgotten fury in its fashion

forged from the heat of falsest passion

and so I sit with tight-balled fists

poring slowly over lists

of sins you've committed against me

and the way that you have fenced me

into this corner, into this cage

where I now sit and feed my rage

My Blood boils just below the surface

My hatred serving just one purpose

to help me to remember - yet

I'll spend my life trying to forget.