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National Karate and Kobudo Federation



The NKKF patch has 3 circles: the outer edge of the emblem itself, the second inner circle, and the circle on the inner aspect of the leaves.

A circle is a line with neither a beginning nor an end. It has no parts or angles, which symbolize perfection. Because a circle encloses what is within its limits, it symbolizes unity .The unbroken circles, therefore, symbolize infinity , perfection, loyalty , honor, and unity.

The Kanji in the center represents the National Karate and Kobudo Federation; hence, it symbolizes you, the self, looking inward and outward, i.e. the center of the universe. The circles that enclose us, in a way, symbolize how our martial arts protects us from what is outside of us and how it also allows ourselves to flow toward new discoveries and development.

The leaves in the emblem are of the wisteria plant (Fuji-No-Hana in Japanese). It is a woody vine with showy, grape-Iike clusters of bluish, white, or purplish flowers. As is true of the wisteria, the NKKF sends out vines or "runners" which become firm branches, bonding to one another and symbolizing the continuing development in our training.

The three leaves at the bottom of the wisteria are the roots or foundation representing the origin from which the Mind, Body and Spirit will grow.

The white in the center signifies the beginning of all that is new. patience, purity and innocence.

The circularity reminds us that our federation is based on unity, that our goal is perfection in both technique and character, and that the way is infinite, a road of endless labors.

The pattern of our emblem reminds us that we are at the center of a great task, that the labor of Kata and the truths of Zen can lead us to look outward with confidence and to inwardly discover that Ki animates ~and binds us to the universe and to one another. In that, is our profound "self-defense,"

The emblem reminds us as a whole that our federation stands for courage, strength, purity of spirit, knowledge, hard work, and fairness. Our emblem epitomizes the "DOH" (path or way) of life!

Our art is not merely a martial art. It is a way of life that demands going beyond punching a makiwara, performing kata, or punching and kicking by the hundreds. All of the discipline, sweat, frustration, and pain can lead us to better self-defense, but at its best it alters our character and strengthens our integrity , which gives us a better view of our universe and ourselves. It is this higher purpose that our crest symbolizes.