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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Submitted by Mike Lenzen

The Importance of a Good Weapon

Many people underestimate the usefulness of a good weapon. I should know; there was a time where all I would carry around was my pocket knife. True, a pocket knife is a useful tool, you can cut ropes, carve up rabbits, and widdle away on a log when you get bored. It served me well , but in combat it's not all that great.
I find that there are two major categories of weapon, Long range, including bows, throwing daggers, and so on. And close range, including swords, hand axes and spears. There is also what could be considered a third group, including weapons both good in close and ranged attacks, such as spears and daggers, though I find almost any weapon like a sword or club can become a ranged weapon in a pinch. I find it's nice to carry at least one weapon from the first two categories. Especially when traveling. A Sword is more than handy if you run into some trouble along the rode like a highway man or a group of thugs. Ranged weapons are also useful when traveling, bows especially are nice for hunting the odd dear, or killing the wild wolf that might try and disrupt your travels. They're also handy if you have the edge up and are attacking somebody. It's always nice to be able to pelt your enemies with arrows from a distance before they know what's going on.
And now we come to the important part of this column. Choosing the right weapon. I like to go with what is convenient. If you have that 50 silver you could probably have your pick of average weapons, but if your like myself, not that rich, you may have to settle for what is available at the time. This is where you must learn to find weapons. For example if you are confronted by a foe carrying a broad sword, and you are unarmed, it could easily be seen that your opponent has a weapon you could take. I find that when you are unarmed however, this tactic is both fool hardy and dangerous. What would be more advisable would be to grab a handful of dirt from the ground and give it a toss into your opponents eyes. This may not even the score, but it may give you that chance to roll to the side of the road and break a branch off of a nearby tree or grab a rock from the ground. With this you might have evened the odds enough to attempt an attack at the man wielding the broad sword. Remember however, that your strikes main importance should be to over expose himself. The moment he has over exerted himself or over stretched his thrust is the time you must be ready to disarm him. Remember, the one holding the sword usually wins the fight.
This way of thinking in a fight, has proven to be a superior tactic. Keep aware of your surroundings and be sure not to drop your sword, and I'm sure you will have a long and heroic life ahead of you.

Submitted by Qui~toi non adept messenger for Covilier Copse.