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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

The Monastery of Tranquility

This entry describes the Monastery of Tranquility before all it's members but Thanos Dreadstone were slain in a sneak attack. It is believed that the attack was made in an effort to capture the human residing at the monastary, Verdon Oakenshield. In the aftermath of the attack, Verdon escaped along with Thanos acting as his guardian. The Monastery was burned to the ground. It is unknown who conducted the attack against the peaceful monks of the Monastery of Tranquility.

The Monastery of Tranquility is home to 30 monks. Most of them are humans although there are a few elves within the order as well as five dwarves. There is also one obsidiman named Thanos Dreadstone. The majority of these monks are low circled monks or just in the recruitment stage. There even a small few who do not follow any discipline, not even the monk discipline. They simply follow and practice the ways of the monk. The monastary is located just one days walk north of Covilier Copse. See the map below of the Monastery for the corresponding locations.

1. Sleeping/meditation quarters -- This is the largest building in the entire grounds of the monastery. The building is just one large open area. The floors are padded. All of the members of the monastery sleep on the floor here (even the leader of the monastery, Tolthick Boreguard) as well as any visitors that are staying with the monks at the monastery. During the day, the floor is cleared off and anyone is welcome to come here and meditate. The building is in continual silence and all the monks abide by this. It is one of the sacred rules of the monastery that the room be under complete silence during all hours, day and night.
2. Eating Hall -- This building is where all the monks and visitors eat their meals. The monks at the monastery each take their turn in the rotation of day to day life by preparing the meals for everyone at the monastery. The kitchen is in the north part of the building. There is a well in the kitchen which takes itís water for cooking from the same source of water that the well in the courtyard gets itís water from.
3. Study Hall -- This building is used for studying. It is a small library with a modest collection of books. Anyone is welcome to study in this building if the wish. People are expected to be quite while in this building but it is not as strict as the sleeping quarters. Again, some monks are assigned to this building in the monthly rotation to for general upkeep.
4. Courtyard -- The courtyard is a peaceful place. It is lined with alternating trees and lamps that hold crystal quartz that glow during the night. In the center of the courtyard is a well. Closer to the gate is a tall, thin structure. This is the bell tower. There is no door to the building but rather just an arch way. A thick rope dangles down and when pulled, the deep sounding bell rings out. All training excersises are conducted within the courtyard.
5. Front gate -- The front gate is open during the day. There is always at least one monk on guard at the gate at all times. The monk on duty at the gate is instructed to let anyone in the monastery that does not seem to be trouble. If there is trouble, he is to close the gates and ring the bell in a fast manner as to alert the monastery to the disturbance.
6. Watch towers and battlements -- These watch towers have roofs on them and are 30 feet high. There is a hole cut into the floor of each tower with a rope ladder that can be pulled up or dropped down to the ground. These ladders are the only methods of gaining access to the towers and battlements. There are always at least one monk posted in each tower and at least two more monks patrol the battlements.

Prominent Characters

Tolthick Boreguard -- Tolthick Boreguard is a the leader of the monastery. He is viewed by all the monks as being the most wise of all who reside in the walls of the monastery. He is an elderly man, in his late 50's. His once thick, sandy brown hair has now begun to thin. He has bright blue eyes that sparkle with deep wisdom and knowledge. The old man his kind and benevolent. He was the one who instituted the rules of leaving the gates of the monastery open during daylight hours. Tolthick is a 8th Circle monk.