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Role Playing's Most Memorable Moments

1. Dragonlance -- Searching for a way through some dungeon, a kender led the party through the passage ways, holding a globe with glowing bugs inside as the light source. The kender walked around the corner of a intersection and came face to face with a goblin carrying a pot full of hot coals. The kender simply looked at the goblin and said hello. The goblin looked confused but returned the greeting. At that moment, the knight still standing around the corner, out of site from the goblin, decided to punch the goblin in hopes of knocking him out so that he wouldn’t alert any other goblin’s to the party’s whereabouts. The player proceeded to roll his attack on the surprised goblin, scoring a 20 and a critical hit. He then rolled the critical hit, getting a 10 for location (head) and an 8 on the d8 which resulted in the goblin falling into unconsciousness and suffering from a broken jaw. Needless to say, no other goblins were alerted to the party’s presence.

2. Dragonlance -- An elven blade singer with a dexterity of 18 had the worst of luck. Walking across a court yard with a giant well in the center, the party was attack by a black dragon that flew from out of the well. The party made a mad dash for cover in the ruined buildings around the court yard. The elf made it to a building but the door was too far away. Standing right in front of a small hole in the wall, the elf tried to squeeze through the hole to the safety of the building. The gamesmaster asked for a dexterity check. The player rolled and scored a 19. The poor elf was stuck half in, half out of the hole, making a easy meal for the black dragon the lurked near by. Luckily, another player running clear across the courtyard caught the dragon’s attention and bore the brunt of an acid breath weapon, turning this character into a puddle of goo.

3. Dragonlance -- The same elf from number 2 was in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. They were on a section of the city that had some ruined buildings on a cliff side. The cliff was 500 feet up. The elf decided that he would attempt to scuttle around a wall that was right up to the side of the cliff and get to the other side by clutching onto the end of the wall the hung slightly over the cliff. The gamesmaster asked him to make a dexterity. He rolled a 19. The elf slipped and began to fall to his death. The gamesmaster gave the player another chance to make a last ditch effort and catch himself before plummeting to his doom. He rolled his dexterity again a got a 20. The poor elf fell 500 feet to the ground and died. It is interesting to note that the room he had been trying to get into was empty and a doorway into the room was on the others side where the players were just about to go and search before he had fallen to his death.

4. Dragonlance -- The players were in the High Clerist Tower searching for magic items that could help them defeat the Dragon Armies. Early in their search, the players came across a Dancing Sword (which was randomly rolled on a treasure table). Dancing swords are very powerful items. They are slightly more powerful in the hands of a bard and they are even more powerful in the hands of a blade. It just so happens that this group had a blade with them. Upon getting the sword, the player uttered Watch. Now that I got this Dancing Sword I’m going to die next. He couldn’t have spoken more true words. They entered the room that was next to the room they had found the sword and encountered a magical golem. The blade rushed to the rescue of his companion and was struck a devastating blow, killing him instantly. The remaining players dragged the dead body back out of the tower. On a side note, also at the tower were knights of Solomnia. These knights moral was considerably low and before entering the tower, the players told the knights not to fear because they will return with powerful magic items that will defeat the Dragon Armies. About a half an hour later they are dragging the slain body of the blade out the front doors.

5. Marvel -- The super hero Phosphorus was trying to stop the criminal known as Taskmaster at the Statue of Liberty. Another player who was playing a Shi’ar was assigned to go to earth and bring back specimens of super powered beings was also on the scene disguised as a bum. In the ensuing battle with Taskmaster, Phosphorus started the lobby of the statue on fire. Just as he was about to pursue a fleeing Taskmaster, he noticed a pedestrian in the middle of the blaze he had caused. Being a super hero, he flew down to him and told him to grab his hand. Little did he know, this Shi’ar had the power to absorb other’s powers and upon contact, he did, making Phosphorus loose his fire generating powers for a short while. The alien chased the helpless Phosphorus around Liberty Island for a while until finally Phosphorus jumped into the water and evaded pursuit.