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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

Submitted by Ben Klein

Kaer Guardian (Affectionately called Thumpers)

Dex: 8
Str: 16
Tou: 14
Per: 4
Wil: 4
Cha: 4

Iniative: 6
# Of Attacks: 2
Attack: 14
Damage: 18
# Of Spells: NA
Spellcasting: NA
Knockdown: 18

Physical Def: 12
Spell Def: 12
Social Def: 12
Armor: 15
Mystic Armor: 10
Uncon. Rate: NA
Death Rate: 100
Wound Thresh: 15
Recovery Tests: 5

Combat Move: 30
Full Move: 60

Powers: Fire Blood 20, Cobra Strike 15

Kaer Guardians were originally used for those Kaers that wanted that extra amount of protection. Created to hibernate for long periods of time, it was felt that they would have very little effect on food supplies. Unfortunately, most Kaer Guardians were entirely ineffective against horrors. Capable of defending against minor horrors, any true horror capable of penetrating a Kaer found little difficulty in dispatching a Guardian. Other Kaers used their Guardians as a sort of Police force or to back a bid for power. Guardians can usually be found in three places. Unbreached Kaers might contain a Guardian or Two. Since powerful horrors usually couldn't feed on the emotions of the animal like Guardian, if it ceased to attack it would often be spared. Guardians found wandering abroad are often of this latter variety.

Kaer Guardians are all very similar. Standing about 10 to 12 feet in height, their body is covered in a thick knobby hide, except for their legs. They are covered by metal armor on their upper torso. Humanoid they have legs larger than most trolls do. Their arms end in a large hard clump of flesh with no digits. They have a prehensile trunk that dangles from the metal helms they wear.

Kaer Guardians attack with their two fists. In the first round they endeavor to use Cobra Strike to lay into their opponents as much as possible. If things look rough they will step back to heal. Rarely attacking other creatures Kaer Guardians are usually only aggressive when they are about to reproduce (see below).

Kaer guardians are omnivorous. They reproduce asexually about once every three to four years (though longer periods are possible) Before the birth the Guardian will begin consuming immense amounts of food, as well as a large amount of metal. When it has a sufficient storage it finds a place and enters a state of Hibernation. This period lasts from two weeks to as much as two months. At the end of that time there are two guardians (metal armor and all). One wakes before the other, and leaves. Kaer Guardians typically live forty years or so. Guardians can also enter a state of Hibernation at will, though if not commanded to they will rarely do so. To command a Guardian, one need a special device made at the time of the Guardians creation (Though it will work for all of its progeny as well).

Design Notes: If I had a scanner that worked I would download the picture. This creature is inspired by the illustration found on pg. 55 of the Earthdawn Wilderness Survival guide. It was just to cool not to use it.