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"To control magic is to control the world!"---Thumar Hashlaive, Wizard/Nethermancer adept, on one of his many mad rants in his younger days.

The Greatest of heroes practice the art of magic. These are what me call Adepts. These Adepts learn a discipline through out their life. It is a hard and arduous task. Here are a few of the more uncommon disciplines that are practiced today.

Spirit Knight

These files are the descriptions of the talents found for the appropriate disciplines and circle grouped together and a neat little package that you can print off for your players. It will speed up the game for those unfamiliar with the what the talents because they won't have to keep asking for the main book to look up a particular talent. All the files are in WPS format. Look for more disciplines and more circles to be added later.

Beastmaster circle 1
Monk circle 1 (Home made Discipline found at The Bearers of Akasha
.) Sky Raider circle 1
Weaponsmith circle 1