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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

The village of Covilier Copse

The village of Covilier Copse is located about six days walking south of Bartertown and about four and a half days walking north of Darranis. The village is situated along-side the Coil River. It’s inhabitants rely heavily upon the river, taking the fertile soils near by to grow their crops. Although not a major source of food and trade, the village also takes advantage of the numerous fish swimming in the Coil River. Herd animals are another major part of the village’s economy. This mainly takes place on the north bank of the river where crops are harder to grow because of the rockier terrain. Hunting also plays a role in keeping the village running. The village lies in the middle of a flat clearing at the bottom of a valley. Mixed forests (predominately oaks, elm and evergreens) surround the valley walls and is home to many different woodland creatures.
The Village was named after the karer it’s inhabitants came from (Covilier) and for the many clump of trees around where they settled. The village is home to about 400 name-givers. The dominate race is humans and dwarves, but t’skrang are also found. There are maybe a few orks and a troll but no windlings or obsidimen live in Covilier Copse.

Prominent villagers

Horkin Delous (human)-- Horkin is a quite man who lives in a small cabin north of Covilier Copse. He rarely comes into town, and when he does, it is only to purchase a few things such as rum. Many of villagers have created stories to tell their young. They say that if you walk into the forest at night old man Horkin will get you. They tell their children that he stalks the forest at night, stealing away young boys and girls that wander into the woods so that he may cook them and feed them to his blood wolves he keeps as pets. Children have expanded on this story, saying that he skins them, making canvas’ from them. They also say that he saves their bones and makes furniture out of them.

Chester Butterwick (human)-- Chester is a grizzled old man. He was, at one point, Covilier Copse’s best warrior adept. Age soon forced him to retire from adventuring and Chester was elected as the village leader. Chester is an easy going man, looking out for what’s best for the Copse. He doesn’t let his leadership go to his head, either. He is always consulting other’s in the village on practically every decision that must be made. One of the annual festivals celebrates the day that Chester Butterwick single handily chased off a Manticore which terrorized the village about fifteen years ago. The event is held on the river banks where a huge feast is held and dancing and light shows precede.

Rizzen Seltor (elf)-- Rizzen is the oldest person living in Covilier Copse. He is a 432 year old elf. He was one of the wizards the helped unseal the wards of the karer. Rizzen may be the oldest person in Covilier Copse but he is also the most arrogant and self idolized person in the village as well. Rizzen believes that he is absolutely better than everyone else. This is not because of his elven heritage, either. He thinks he’s better than all other elves, too. There is no denying that Rizzen is extremely intelligent and he has accomplished a lot in his life. He was even offered a job as one of King Varulus’s advisors but he astutely refused, saying that “These bafoons of Covilier Copse wouldn’t last two days without him.” Many people suspect that Rizzen truly likes the people of Covilier Copse and didn’t want to be away from his “friends”. They think this is the reason why he chose not to take the job.

Jezebel Quithpa-Winterlock (human)-- Jezebel Winterlock used to be the woman everybody wanted. about 25 years ago, when she was twenty, all the young men would chase her around the village, hopping that she would choose them as her man. That lucky man was Rupert Quithpa. However, if you were to ask Rupert how lucky he was now, he’d ask you to cut his head of with the most rusted, dullest sword around.
Jezebel used to be an extremely beautiful woman. Now, in her mid-forties, she is haggard and corpulent. All the men who had once chased her are now relived that she had not picked them. She is the busy-body of the entire town, spreading rumors and finding all the juiciest gossip.

Zyrin Eyeswide (human)- Zyrin Eyeswide is the local scout. He spends little time in the village. In fact, he really isn’t from Covilier Copse. Eyeswide (everyone refers to him by his last name rather than his first) travels between the many villages in the surrounding area. All of these villages consider him apart of their town but he doesn’t actually live in any of them. He lives where ever he feels like it. He doesn’t own a home or many possessions. He is a wilderness man in every sense of the term.
Eyeswide wears heavy green cloaks to protect him from the cold weather at night time. He is a quite man who doesn’t spend much time with other people. He prefers to be alone but doesn’t mind the odd companion every once in a while.

Qu’ron (t’skrang)- In order to get from one side of the Coil River to the other, the people of Covilier Copse use a ferry. This small ferry can hold about 20 people at one time. The ferry is guided by a rope that spans the Coil River. The operator of this ferry is a t’skrang named Qu’ron. He loves his ferry with all his heart. That is why doesn’t charge anyone to use it. He figures that since he is going to use the ferry any way, he might as well let the people of Covilier Copse use it for free. Even though not many people use the ferry, the citizens on Covilier Copse appreciate Qu’ron’s generosity.

Migill (human)- Migill is the old miser of Covilier copse. He is a friendly old man but he keeps his money pouch locked up tight. He never lends money out to anyone and he always looks for the best buys, even if the item is of less quality.

Old Mrs. Rycorn (human)- Old Mrs. Rycorn (this is what everyone calls her) is the grandmother of Covilier Copse. She considers herself as the grandmother of the town and the villagers do as well.