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Come hear the exploits of this young and promising man. He and his companion’s could be Barsaive’s hope for the future.
Qui~Toi the Liberator, Hero of Covilier Copesis an excellent suplement for the Order of the White Rhino.

"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

The Order of the White Rhino is an organization that was formed in the Dwarven Kingdom of Throal. It was formed roughly ten years after the scourge had ended. In it’s first few years, the White Rhino’s were a privately owned military organization. The owner of the White Rhinos was a dwarf named Winston Spade. Winston Spade was a firm believer in Throalic law and created the Order of the White Rhinos to assist the king of Throal to enforce those laws. He would keeps his small private army available for all emergencies, whether it be to fight back horrors, the greedy Theran Empire, or the dangerous Denairstas clan of Iopos.

At first, the White Rhinos were welcomed and the king found that there military support was very helpful. Unfortunately, the king could not pay the Rhino’s there fees and the Throal army. Winston didn’t want to disband his group but he would have to if he could not get enough funds to support his cause. With king Varulus unable to assist, Winston needed to make some changes in his organization. He expanded the White Rhinos, making them more than just a military force. He created many branches in the White Rhinos. This elevated the interests of other independent parties who wished to buy a portion of the organization. Winston, knowing that if he did not find some sufficient funding soon, relinquished some of the shares of the White Rhinos.

To this day, the Order of the White Rhino has survived as a major organization. They are still a military force but they are also more than that now. They are researchers of magic, history and legends. they currently are based in the Throal kingdom but have begun preparations to extend their boundaries to other parts of Barsaive.

Role Playing's Most Memorable Moments is a small site that features the more memorable moments that have occured in role playing.

Last Update:
January 20th, 2002.

**01/20/02 This site is now apart of a second webring called the Age of Legend. Go take a look at this webring and maybe even join it if you have a site of your own. See the navigation bar below on this main page.

**01/19/02 I added a short little blurb on the city of Iopos. as my players discover more information about the city, I will add more information. Until then, just use your imagination. =) I've begun the tedious task of perparing the write ups on all the troll moots. Right now, I just have the symbols of all the troll moots up. They will be linked to the apropriate pages when I have some more stuff. I've also added a picture of the society for civilized trolls. All of these updates are under the culturally deprived section

**01/17/02 A new character has been added and fleshed out. Waylorn Bedwyr is in an NPC which I intend to introduce to the players the next time we play Earthdawn.

**01/16/02 I added three new images of Verdanon. You can find them under his character page in Heroes and Legends of Barsaive.

**01/15/02 Thanos Dreadstone now has role playing notes and some journal entries up. You can find all that information under his character in Heroes and Legends of Barsaive as well as a link to the journal entries under the Minstrel's Tale.

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