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The Tribute Starts Here

Hello and again Welcome.

This site consists of what I refer to as tributes to my
Brothers and Sisters in Arms of the
Viet Nam War.

It took me time and tears to put this site together.
Some of the graphics you will see here really got to me,
as I relived some of these places.
The graphics will say more than I could ever think of.
If you were there, YOU KNOW what I mean.
If you weren't, maybe these pages will show you a little more of
of what we went through.
I have been told by some close friends, the making of this site
was a form of self therapy for the PTSD I live with constantly.

The pages are laden with graphics and WILL take time to load.
I hope you will allow time for these pages to be presented to you.

I served our country in the US Navy for 20 years retiring in 1979.
I served in several ships, overseas duty stations,
as well as 3 CONUS bases during my tour.

I would enjoy your comments, either pro or con, in my guest book.
I am constantly working on the pages within the site,
and hopefully, making necessary improvements.
Your input will help make this site better for everyone to visit.

If you would like a Banner to link to this site,
visit the 2nd Links page and select from 3 options. .

Some of the graphics I made, some were copied, some are from other sites.
If some of the graphics I used are yours and you are unhappy
with the way I have displayed them,
PLEASE let me know and I will gladly remove them.
I have attemped to link all the sites I have used graphics from on my Links page.

Again my Deepest Sincere Thanks for visiting my site.

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