The Jellicle Kingdom

Celebrating one year on the Internet!

Welcome to the Junkyard of the Jellicles! Saphinora and Jequenia, two Jellicle sisters, run the place here. You'll be seeing mostly them, but chances are you'll run into a few other Jellicle cats on your way (Mistoffelees, Demeter, Pouncival, to name a few). If this is your first time here and want to get an idea of what's in store for you, just click your little mouse pointer here to read our trusty map. Have fun!

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Last updated: 11/05/00

Saph's updates have been moved to the left side
Jequenia's Updates
Note: Saph tends to update more often than poor Jeq, so we would advise you to always check her udpates first. *g*

Please come and visit my good friend Matty's page (that she co-runs with Teazer): Matropolis and Rumpleteazer's Jellicle Shack.

Everything in the left side of the junkyard is run by Saphinora, the right side of the junkyard belongs to Jequenia, and we both man the middle and the Pouncival Shrine.

The Left Side of the Junkyard
It's finally open again!!!!!
In here you'll find: Cats fan art, Cats fan art requests, links, a monthly award, graphics, video bloopers, and much more!

The Middle of the Junkyard
In here you'll find:Jellicle Journals, a page about us, a tour of the junkyard, credits, Cats costumes, and even more!

The Right Side of the Junkyard
In here you'll find: fanfiction, pictures, some really funny plays, Memories, and even much, much more! *grins* (LOL, are we sensing a pattern here?)

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