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Welcome to the Three Lights Fan Club!

This page is still under construction! This page, as U can see, has a new layout. I had enough with the old one. Wanna check out the links?

IntroductionWelcome, I am Himeko Kou, guardian of this club, also Kakyuu's daughter. I hope you enjoyed the design of the site, It was made by Lady Wren, please visit her site. So let's begin by the rules.

Rules -If you wanna join this club, you MUST have a e-mail addy, or else we can't keep you update of what's going on. If you don't have one, go at Mailcity, is free!
-You DO NOT have the right to e-mail chan letters or junks like that to the members of this club. Of course, you must NOT hate the Three Lights.
-If you have a webpage, PLEASE link us, and you also have to check your e-mails at least once per month! You have to love the Sailor Starlights!

Join us I wish you welcome to this club, if you want to sign the form, but first, you must agree to the rules!

Since the 4th of April 1998
By Himeko-chan