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How to beat the weapons

Here is my best strategy on how to beat the weapons. They are even harder that Sephiroth because they have about 1,000,000 HP. I haven't beaten them myself, but I have tried. The next part tells you what stuff you will need to fight both weapons. First you need Knights of the round (I explained how to get it in my chocobo section). Then make sure you have a good amount of HP and MP plus materias, or be at level 85-99. Make sure you have magic plus materia, and put it on Cloud. He should have around 230 magic power. Another very important materia is HP absorb. You can get it in Wutai where all the cats are. Other materias you need are Quadra magic, Mime, WSummon, and final attack. If you need to know where these materias are found, email me. You also need big guard enemy skill, ans sprint shoes that you get from racing chocobos. You also want a ribbon, Phoenix summon, Bahamut ZERO, a good supply of turbo ethers or elixers.

Here is a list of all that I stated above

Click on a weapon to learn how to beat it

Ruby weapon
Emerald weapon