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Welcome to my tips section. Here you will find a couple of tips that might help you during the game.

Tip #1: Good place to Gain Levels
A good place to gain levels if you need to is go to Bone Village and enter the sleeping forest go to the place with the log as a bridge and run around there fighting enemies... you get mostly 2,000 exp and the monsters are very easy

Tip#2: Items the Travler in Kalm Needs
The items the traveler in Kalm needs: The Guidebook is in the Sunken Airplane and the other two you have to kill Ruby and Emerald Weapon... if you get these items and give them to him, he gives you all materia at master level (I heard) all summon,independent,command,etc.

Tip#3: Kill Sephiroth Easily
Well if you have the Knights of the Round then you can kill him instantly if not then you can try this... If you want to kill Sephiroth easily, if you havent gotten the HP Plus materia in either Mideel or Cosmo Canyon go get some for your party...go to the Materia shop in either town and buy the HP Plus/MP Plus materia there 8 of each so everyone can get one... then go to a place where you get good AP and fight monsters and get them to max level... you get almost 3,000 hps if the HP Plus is maxed... and if you want to get 9,999 hps then put another HP Plus in the materia slot when one is maxed... and get your levels to at least 70 or higher before you enter the crater, go to the sunken plane and find the Double Cut materia (or the one that has 2X-cut as a thing you get) put that on someone.. get their final weapon and they should be doing almost 12,000 damage instead of just 9,999 then when you fight Sephiroth just attack and have one guy use Regen (or some spell to help..) and just mostly attack him and doesnt matter if you have Omnislash or not. cause Cloud can do almost 40,000 damage with Meteorain to Sephiroth I think... and stuff...