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Welcome to my secrets section. In this section I will talk about the secrets in FF7. This will include how to get all level 4 limit breaks and how to get the hidden characters. Of course, ther is much more.

Here is a list of what is in this section

Getting Yuffie Kisaragi

You can get Yuffie in your party during any disc. The 2 places that she occures the most often are the forests beyond Gongaga, and most forests near Junon. After a few battles, you'll meet Yuffie.

Tips on beating Yuffie:
Her HP varies depending on what level you are at. All you have to do is attack basically. She does all kinds of attacks during the battle that she can't do when she's with you :(

When the battle ends, you'll see Yuffie lying hurt nearby. There is also a save point, but if you touch it, Yuffie will run away. Talk to her and to get her to join, answer her questions by saying this:

  1. Not interested
  2. Talk to her again and say ....petrified
  3. Wait a second
  4. That's right
  5. Let's hurry on

After that, you can name her, and she'll join you. NOTE: if you choose the top option for the last question, you will be able to name her, but she will run away stealing 700 gil.

Getting Vincent Valentine

The second optional, or hidden character in the game is Vincent. He can join you during any disc. You need the gold key from the safe in the Shinra Mansion to get him.

The safe in Nibelheim

What most people forget when they open the safe is that it's just like a real combination lock, so you can't go past a number and come back to it, you have to land on it. And also remember that you only have 15 seconds. The code for the lock is:Right to 36, left to 10, right to 59, and right to 97. Now that you've opened the safe, a monster comes out.

BOSS TIPS: Lost Number

You can easily kill this boss with limit breaks and materia at level 2. Have over 1100 HP, it is extremely useful. Heal yourself often and use summon materias such as Choco Mog or Ifrit. You'll win in no time. This boss can only do Bolt 2 and physical attacks. Rarely he does double-fisted hammer punch that hurts around 2200 HP. So have a lot of Phoenix Downs. Hopefully, you will kill the purple side first, and then all you need to do is attack. If you kill the red side first, keep your HP high and use only magic on him.

When you beat the boss you get Red 13's level 4 limit break, and the key to the basement. Don't forget to take the red materia also (Odin). Enter the room in the basement now, and press O in front of the coffin. Vincent should come flying out, and on his first question answer "talk about Sephiroth", then he goes back into his coffin, so talk to him again, and reply "Who are you?". Then after he finishes talking, pretend that you are going out, and then, he will join you.

The sleeping man

To see how many wins you have, grt in the Highwind or ride a Green, Blue, Black, or Gold chocobo a little south and a little way to the east of Midgar. You'll find a cave surrounded by mountains with a river nearby. Inside the cave is a sleepinng man who tells you how many wins you've gotten so far. For this trick to work, the last two digits have to be the same (100, 122, 255,...).

When you have the correct number of victories, talk to the sleeping man. He'll them give you an item (Mythril). Next, go to the house on the penninsula near the gold saucer. Talk to the man in the house, and when he gives you a choice, pick the top option. You'll lose the Mythril, but you now have the choice of opening the long wooden chest by the bed to get a Gold Armlet, or examining the metal lid on the upper floor at the end of the walkway to get the manual for Aeris's Level 4 Limit Break.

How to get the level 4 limit breaks for certain characters

Go to Nibelheim during Disc 2 or 3, with Tifa in your group. Enter Tifa's house and head upstairs to where her poano is. Choose the bottom opton, then the bottom option again to play the piano. Then, press:

X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X.

You should find 1 gil between the piano keys. Play the piano again, and you shoul find an elemental materia. Play it a third time, and Tifa will look through her sheets and find a letter addressed to her by her mentor, Zangan. She'll also find her limit break.

The key to Midgar

(disc 2 or 3)Talk to the man standing by the doors back at Midgar. He won't appear until you've gotten the Highwind and rescued Cloud. Then return to Bone Village. Chat with the man by the door and pick the first option, then the second or third option. You could place diggers and hunt for the key yourself, or you could cheat: go to the destroyed plane atop the dinosaur's skull. Near the excavator at the bottom of the screen is a tiny piece of metal sticking outwards; position yourself underneath it and press up so that your character is looking forward, then dig.

You can use the key to get into a lot of locked doors near Area 7. If you go to Aeris' church, you will see her for a second, then she will vanish.

Turtle's Paradise Flyers

There are six of these flyers scattered throughout the world. You can find them in the following locations:

  1. Midgar, in the town next to Aeris' house.Go to the second floor of the southeastern building and look at the papers taped to the wall by the stairwell.
  2. Shinra HQ, on the first floor, check out the board with the papers on it near the elevators. The only time you can read this flyer is at the beginning of the game or in Disc 2 when you raid the place.
  3. Gold Saucer, go to ghost square and enter the hotel. Read the sign that says "SHOP" next to the shop entrance
  4. Cosmo Canyon, check the left wood post of the Tigerlily Arms Shop.
  5. Cosmo Canyon, the gold papaer by the door on the second floor of the inn.
  6. Wutai, the bottom floor of Yuffie's house; it's the wall scroll to the right of the doorway. You can' get there unless you've done the subquest.

You don't have to find the flyers in order. When you have read all six of them, go to the restautant in Wutai. Talk to the barkeeper and you'll get a Power Source, guard source, magic source, mind source, speed source, luck source, and a megalixir.

All 7 Fever

To perform this trick, one of your characters has to have 7777 HP. You can get this by getting injured, equipping materia, raising levels, or healing. WHen a character has 7777 HP in a battle, he will always attack (you can't make him do anything else), and hit for 7777 damage. The disadvantages to this trick is that at the end of the battle, the character's HPO drops to 1, and you can't repeat the trick unless you have 7777 HP.

GP Exchange

When you arrive at the Gold Saucer, there will be a man near the back of the screen, near the save point, who appears 1/60 of the time. He will sell you 1 GP for 100 gil, and you can buy up to 100 GP from him.


Head towards the island located to the very left of the map. It's the island where Yuffie's hometown is.


Yuffie will try to keep you from proceeding ahead. Then, she will betray you and you'll have to fight some Shinra guards. You'll soon find out that she has taken off along with all your materia. Through the entire journey, her main objective was to steal your materia.


Travel through the mountainous trail to Wutai, Yuffie's hometown. When you arrive, you'll immediately notice her running away from you. Go explore the town and find her. If you go to the Bar, you'll notice that the Turks are there: Reno, the leader, will not pursue to engage in a battle.

Finding Yuffie

Go to the far left of the materia shop. Enter the first building on the right. Make your through the building, until you meet Yuffie's father. Talk to him a few times, then she will jump into the screen. After a shortargument with her and her father, she disappears again. Continue talking to her father. When you're finished, leave the building. Go to the materia shop, and open the box. When you do that, Yuffie will jump and steal your materia.

Go to the house mear the entrance of town. You'll find Yuffie hiding the materia. Go outside the bar. YOu'll find Yuffie there.

Yuffie's capture

When you cath Yuffie, she'll agree to return your materia. After the sequwnce with the Turks, follow her to her room, and a sequence will follow.

Then pull back the left lever to get all your materia back, and then, you find out that Yuffie has tricked you AGAIN!!!

You then find out that Yuffie wanted the materia for money alone, and not for her hometown.

Finding Yuffie again

Leave Yuffie's house and head towards the high temple area, located to the far left of the materia shop. Ring the big gong, it'll reveal a secret passage. When you enter, yo will meet Don Corneo. He'll claim Yuffie and Elena, from the Turks, as captives.

Truce with the Turks

After battling against the Shinra guards, leave the temple aea. You'll find the turks outside. You'll agree tomake truce for the time being.

Head for the mountainous area of the Dachao statues, and battle your way through.

Defeating Don Corneo

When you find the Don, you will have to fight his pet called Raps. When you beat him, Don will ask you a question. No matter what you answer, you will get the same result. Corneo threatens to drop the captives, but then Reno saves them, and kills the Don.

Capturing Yuffie

Yuffie will then return your materia, and she'll mess up while organising your materia. She'll put the wrong one on every person. You'll have to re-equip each character, and then you can continue your journey.