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Summon materia

NameWhere to get it from
Choco/Mog Can be obtained from the front Chocobo in the Chocobo barn in disc 1. Talk to it and answer 'Wark' and it will give you this materia.
Shiva Can be obtained from Priscilla in Junon after doing CPR on her
Ifrit Win from Jenova:Birth in Shinra cargo ship
Ramuh Can be found in the Chocobo Jockey room after the escape from Prison(pick it up before talking to anyone)
Titan Can be found at the broken reactor in Gongaga. It's hidden though, and you can't see it. It's on the right side of the reactor
Odin Nibelheim safe in Shinra mansion
Kjata In the sleeping forest, get before Lunar Harp, it moves, so you have to catch it.
Leviathan In the Pagoda in Wutai.
Bahumut Win from the Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients
Alexander Win from Snow in the Snow field area after you snowboard. You must touch the hot springs first
Neo Bahumut Can be found at the beginning of the whirlwind maze
Hades Can be found in the sunken Gelnika airplane
Phoenix Can be found at Fort Condor after you complete the Huge Materia scenario there
Bahumut ZERO Take the Bahumut and Neo Bahumut materias to the red Huge Materia at Cosmo Canyon (if you got it from the space ship)
Typhon Can be found at the Ancient forest (doesn't appear on the world map) near Cosmo Canyon.
Knights of the Round Materia Cave north east of chocobo farm, need Golden Chocobo