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What's new?

Welcome to my "what's new" section. Here you will find a list of what I have done to my page recently, and what is new on my page. I consider something new until it is 10 days old. If you want to see what will be on my page soon, click here.


March 1: I created my page
April 24: I changed the setup of my page so that there was a column on one side with the links, and text on the other side with a counter.
April 25: I add a guestbook
May 1: I add a quiz on the game
May 2: I add a much harder quiz on the game.
May 5 (morning): I change the setup of my page again so that there is text in Comic Sans MS font first, then underneath there is a table of 29 links. I add two new sections: a poll and a message board
May 5 (evening): I add a "what's new" section to my page, and a picture of a chocobo family tree. I enable the "what's new" link on my main page. Then, I create a "what I am planning to do" section, and enable the link on my main page.
May 6: I add an enemy skill section, and I enable the link on my main page.
May 7: I add a materia list and enable the link.
May 9: I add a tips section and I enable the link
May 21: I update my main page, and I also update the what's new section and the plan section.
May 23: I completely change the quiz section.
June 2: I change the quiz section, and I make a music section that is not finished.
June 4: I update the quiz section. Now AOL browsers can participate in quizzes also! I also create a "post your link on my site" section.
June 28: I completely change my homepage so that it has 30 links in two columns on the side
June 29: I add 3 quizzes to the quiz section

What's new

The new and improved quiz section
The music section
post your link on my site