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How to get a golden chocobo

Welcome to my chocobo breeding guide. This guide will tell you how to get a golden chocobo. They are very useful because you can get these materias: Knights of the round, Quadra Magic, Mime, and HP-MP. I'll talk more about what they can do later. The first step to getting the gold chocobo is that you have to have at least 700,000 gil. If you want money, you can sell your ALL materia mastered for 1,400,000 gil. That is by far enough money. Now go to the chocobo farm and rent 6 stables. Each one cost 10,000 gil. Now put your chocobo lure materia on one of your players (You can buy one in the first disc for 2,000 gil, and you can get another one in the second or third disc in front of the chocobo farm). Go just south of the gold saucer area where there are the chocobo tracks and run around until you meet a chocobo. For it to be a good chocobo, it has to be accompanied by 2 flap beats. If it isn't, let it go when you get off it. Now go back to the farm and choose the "move chocobos" option. Choose the chocobo you captured, and take note of its gender. It has to be a male. If it isn't, go back and repeat the process until you get a male. Now that you have a yellow male chocobo, go to the chocobo tracks near Mideel, and walk around for a while until you meet a chocobo accompanied by 2 spirals (you know its a spiral because it starts spiraling after you've done enough damage to it). Go back to the chocobo farm and make sure that this chocobo is a female. If it isn't, repeat the process. Now, when you move your chocobos, they should be either good or wonderful chocobos. If not, email me. Now before you mate your chocobos, you have to get carob nuts. Go to the Northern continent, near a lonely house in a patch of green in the middle of the snow. Run around the green part until you fight a red T-Rex. Make sure you have the steal materia equipped, and steal a carob nut from him. Then you can either run away, or you can finish fighting him (he has a LOT of HP, around 30,000 I think). Repeat the process 3 times, so you have 3 Carob nuts. Now go back to the farm, and SAVE. That is very important, you should save every time before mating. Now talk to Choco Billy, and choose the "mate chocobos" option. He will ask you wich ones you want to mate, and choose the 2 that you have. Then he will ask you which nut to give them, so give them one of the Carob nuts that you have. Hopefully, the next morning, you will have a blue or green chocobo. Take note of that chocobo's gender. If you get a yellow chocobo, reset and start again. If you always get yellow ones, you have to race the chocobos (more about this later). Well, now you have a blue or green chocobo. You goal is to get one of the other color, and the other gender. To do that, you have to mate the yellow chocobos again, but you can't mate them again until half an hour later. To pass the time, go to the chocobo sage's house (it is on the Northern continent, marked on my world map). Talk to his green chocobo, and it will give you an enemy skill materia. Then talk to the chocobo sage and buy 60 sylkis greens from him. Go back to the farm and feed 20-30 to your blue/green chocobo. Then you can go race it at the gold saucer. Go there and talk to Ester, and she will let you sign up for a race. Get your chocobo up to A class. They go up a class every 3 victories. By now you should be able to mate your yellow chocobos. Don't forget to save before. Use a Carob nut again, and hopefully, you will get a chocobo of opposite color and gender than you other chocobo. If not, reset and try again. There, now you have a blue and green chocobo of opposite gender. Feed your newborn chocobo 25-30 sylkis greens, and go race it to A class, or even S class if you want. Now if you can't breed your blue and green chocobos yet, just wait for the time to pass. Save again before mating. You should have one Carob nut left, so use it on your blue and green chocobo. With luck, you will have a black chocobo in a stable the next morning. Feed it 25-30 Sylkis greens, and go race it until it becomes A or S rank. Now you need to get another yellow chocobo, and you should get it from the northern continent. For it to be a good chocobo, it has to be with 1 white rabbit. If it isn't try again until you get the right chocobo. Go back to the farm and make sure that your new yellow cocobo is either a great or wonderful chocobo. Make sure also that it is the opposite gender of your black chocobo. Now race your new yellow chocobo until it is at least A class. Now you need the Zeio nut, which you get from stealing it fom some goblins North-East of the Eastern continent. Go back to the farm and let one of the yellow chocobos free, then save, before mating your black and yellow chocobo with a Zeio nut. The next morning, there should be a gold chocobo in your last stable. Feed it 30 Sylkis greens ( you can get some more from the Chocobo sage's house if you need more). Then you can race it until S class, and if you win enough races in S class, Ester will give you loads of stuff. Now for the materias. Use your gold chocobo to go to the NE edge of the map, and you will see a round island. Go in it (don't worry, the chocobo won't leave) and get Knights of the round materia. Try it on some guys to see how cool it is. Each knight can hurt around 10,000 if all your players are at level 99. Now go to the continent where Mideel is, and go to the far East border of it, and you will find a cave. Go in it to get quadra magic. This lets you use the same materia 4 times no matter what level it's at. The next materia is called Mime, and you get it from a cave on the Wutai continent (All of the caves are on my map). It lets you do the same move that you did last for 0 MP. The next materia, HP-MP, is pretty useless, since it swaps your MP and HP. So the maximum MP you can get is 9999, and the maximum HP is 999. There you go, you have a gold chocobo and all the extra materias.