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Support materia

NameWhere it can be found
HP Absorb In the northern crater on your way down
MP Absorb In the materia store in Wutai(in a chest). You have to have Yuffieshe will steal it as soon as you get it , but will give it back to you as soon as you found her for the last time
MP Turbo In the Tornado Labyrinth
All Sector 7 Slums in the Beginner's Hall. Can be found at Mt. Nibel, the Sinra Cargo ship, and the Great Glacier and can be bought at Fort Condor in Disc 2-3.
Elemental Can be obtained from the Mayor in Shinra HQ floor 62 (you must guess the right password the first time), at Mt. Nibel and and in Tifa's piano in Nibelheim by playing the right song
Added Affect Can be found in the Gi Tribe cave in Cosmo Canyon.
Added cut : Can be found in the Great Glacier area, after the snowboard scenario.
Steal as well Can be found in the burning cave in the mountains behind Wutai
Sneak Attack Win at the Gold Saucer Chocobo Square.
Magic Counter Win at the Gold Saucer Chocobo Square.
Final Attack Win the "Special battle" at the Gold Saucer Battle Square.
Quadra Magic Can be found in a cave at the upper right tip of the chain of islands that Mideel is on.
Counter Can be found at the North Crater.