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Welcome to Krynn, the world of Dragonlance. Feel free to walk through Astinus's volumes of Krynn's history, from the meeting of the Heroes of the Lance to their final conflict the Chaos War. Witness, as I have the vallenwood trees, the War of the Lance, Darkenwood, and take some time to introduce yourselves to the Heroes of the Lance. Experience the Dragon Fear and approach the High Clerist's Tower if you dare.
Do not be rude though - make sure you note your arrival in the guestbook. If you want an order in which to read the Dragonlance series, please visit The Volumes of Astinus. Feel free to contact me if you would like to see something different or if I have made an error. Enjoy!

The Volumes of Astinus

The Events of Krynn

The People of Krynn

Even though this isn't a tavern, before you begin to look please heed an old barkeep's advice:

Drink one, and if you drink twice
Please heed an old barkeep's advice

Just after you've finished a flagon,
Don't bet you can harness a dragon,
It will take it amiss
And probably hiss
And will surely demolish the wagon.

If bottles of wine make you tender
Do not try to cuddle a kender,
For you'll lose all your gold,
And also I'm told
It is hard to distinguish their gender.

After drinking a glass of the foam,
Do not buy machines from a gnome,
For the levers and gears
Could drive you to tears
And just trust me -- don't try this at home.

When you're downing a grog on the wharf
Refrain, sir, from drowning a dwarf,
He will shout and resist
And brandish his fist
And make sure that your features all morph.

Drink once, and if you drink twice
Please heed an old barkeep's advice.

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