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CAG ONE Skate Sharpeners

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Skate Sharpening - The Easiest and Most Effective way!

The CAG ONE is a computerized grinding machine that is a revolution in ice skate sharpening. CAG ONE is so easy to operate that anyone can use it . A clamp attaches the skate to the machine,which takes care of the rest. The Result is a perfecly shapened skate blade. -
EXACTLY THE SAME EVERY TIME - First,CAG ONE assesses the problem by measuring the blade and comparing this information with the desired values keyed in to its computer.The Skates are then sharpened to the exact profile requested,to an accuracy of 0.011 millimeter. Every player is given his exact individual profile and sharpness, every time. -
MEMORY CARTRDGE - Once the correct blade profile is determined by the player,there is no risk in losing it. With the CAG ONE memory cartridge, the machine always remembers how it should sharpen.All it needs is the players number,and the computer will retrive the information. -
MONITORING SYSTEM - Thanks to modern technology,CAG ONE has a built in control system that automatically monitors its operation.The display shows, in simple symbols,when the grinding wheel needs to be changed,for example, or if the skate blade is too worn.
CAG ONE is the easiest and most effective skate sharpener availible today.
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