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Welcome to the HomePage of my

1978 Malibu SS

Last Updated: July 24th, 2000

well.....i just updated the page last week and the next day a guy knocked on the door and bought it from me for a whopping 500 dollars...i took that cash and bought me a 1965 buick wildcat 4 door

the page will stay online as a monument to a crappy brown car with a blown automatic transmission and a killer interior


Well, I figured it was time to update this page.

I have recieved many emails from people asking me how the buildup is going. Up until Tuesday of last week the bu hadn't been cranked in over a year. I had to have it towed to my new house. The hood was rusted from where I stopped in the middle of stripping the cracked paint off the hood. I finally cranked her up Tuesday and moved her to my driveway where I can finish her. My hope is to have it in Pro Touring condition by time I start my classes at college again in late August.

If anyone has interior molding pieces they ripped out and arn't using anymore or has a complete set of front seatbelts or know where I can cheaply get some new ones let me know.

What is being done to the malibu to finish it!!!!

First off, I need a new tranny, I blew out reverse in it quite a while ago. Since I'll be driving on the interstate mostly I should install a new one. I'm looking at a 700-R4 but I might just get another TH 350. This has yet to be seen, it depends on how difficult it is to install them and if I can find someone to help me do it.

The wiring in the interior has been nuts since I installed the new dash. My gas gauge needle shoots all the way to empty when I hit the brakes. So I'm looking at putting a brand new Painless wiring harness in it and finally installing my Pioneer cd player. While I'm at it I think I might install a new set of Autometer gauges to give my custom interior a nicer touch.

I'm working on getting rid of the little rust that is one the car and get it painted. And the brown wheels have to go. I might just repaint them silver and leave them but a nice set of rims are calling me soon.

Downthe road I'll be making some suspension adjustments and installing a new GM performance crate motor.

I'll keep ya posted and will update with some new pics soon.!!!!!


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