Reverse Text Studies.

All written text can be deciphered. Will be adding examples here of this Study.

Including mp3's

Bold letter is part of the reverse text process.

After leaving lately most unusual science leaves it mysteriously silent. How almost various experiences are all gone even done aftermaths.1 skipped 3 counts

  • after leaving lately most unwonted science leaves it cryptically silent. How virtually sundry experiences are all gone even done aftermaths.
  • Reverse Text Studies. Cyber Attack -garden of eden... all ares is ARabs against Arabs a lot... (assume) and the reveal-er (skips) (has come)

  • 2p4gp24r5wr599521 passcode

    Five Steps about worshiping God.
  • Permit ourselves:
  • Explore the Possibilitys:
  • Announce that we are looking:
  • Courageously examine:
  • Express our lives:
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