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WCF Womens App.

Take The Following Into Consideration When Filling Out This Application:
  • To join in this WCF site please fill out the form, and we will add you to the roster as soon as possible.
  • If you want to make any changes at a later date, then simply E-mail the WCF Owner with the changes and he'll have your profile updated.

Your Name:

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Your Wrestler's(Womens) Name:

Wrestler's height:

Wrestler's weight (lbs.):

Wrestler's finisher:

Wrestler's hometown:

Wrestler's theme music (title and artist/s):

Is this wrestler a face (good guy), a heel (bad guy) or neutral:

What do you want your wrestlers contract to be:

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Sample Roleplay: (IT HAS TO BE ATLIST 60 LINES!)**

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