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A Haunted Winter Fairytale (Noctiluca)
A Name for Himself (Fyre and Kirsty)
Affectations (Chrystler)
Again (Dru)
Again (Lisa)
Burning - Ashes (Fay Jay)
Burning - Embers (Fay Jay)
Burning - Smoke (Fay Jay)
Burning - Flames (Fay Jay)
A Link In The Chain (Eledhwen)
A Look Into The Past (Elf)
A Vampire's Toybox (Tina Cooling)
Another Detour (Serena)
Ariel (Ligeia)
Becoming William The Bloody (Kristen Elizabeth)
Bete Noir (Lady Raven)
Better Than Nothing (Tamara)
Birth Is Always Painful (Tara Ann Stridh)
Blood At Once, Blood Eternal (Katy Zapatka)
Born In Death (Amanda K)

Dark Queen (Nina)
Darla A Portrait (Blue)
Death Becomes Her (Tanja Kinkel)
Consider (Puca Dentata)
Creature Of Habit (Faithtastic)
Details (Laure Alexander)
Different Epiphany's (Delenn)
Death Of A Poet (Sanguinary)

Echoes (Soo)
Epiphanies (Selena)
Eternally Yours (Rach)
Everlasting Nights (Rhonda)
Faint Heart - Fair Maids (Jodith Grace)
Flies In The Vasoline (Serena)

Glimpses (Mari)
Her Fault (Selena)
Glorious (Tara O'Shea)
Gifu (Jessica Walker)
Grey Eyes and Cigarettes (Nina P.)

Informing (Jana Kay)
I Shall Believe (Nina)
It's All Fun And Games(Tina Cooling)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Nepthys)
Life and Times of William the Bloody (AsylumEscapee)
Life of my Light (Blue)
Kimonos (Anna)
Kathy (Nina P.)

Madrid 1853 (Tania)
My Angel (Meesh)
Not Alone (Evil Willow)

Ocean (Maria Stensgaard Rasmussen)
One Lucky Guy (HonorH)
One Night (Nina)
On the Verge of Silence (Blue)
Of Limes and Babies (Blue)
Pen Pictures (Soo)
One Little Moment (Tamara)
Power (M14Mouse)
Perfect Happiness (Marianne)
On My Own (Freerose28)

Rebirth (Scarlet Rose)
Rekindling the Flame (Laure Alexander)

Sympathetic Character (Dru)
The Room with A View (Rune)
Tales Of The Past - Decadence (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Eire (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Blood of the Sacred (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Mask of Innocence (Alecca)
Thinking (Amanda)
Sirocco (Mistress Ace and Prophecy)
The Death Of A Gypsy Girl (Angelus Mistress)
The Man In The Long Black Coat (Blackwinged Angel)
The Price Of Gold (Chris Castro)
Snakes in the Woodshed (Bri Harper)
The Promise of Strawberry Ice Cream (Tha Wrecka)
The Sire Chronicles (Kristyn77)
The Pathetic Truth (Mochaomhog)
Timing Is Everything (Delenn)

Without You (Nina)
What Am I? (Shadowz)
Why Look Further (Lisa And Prophecy)

You Oughta Know (Nina)