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Sympathetic Character (Dru)
The Room with A View (Rune)
Tales Of The Past - Decadence (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Eire (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Blood of the Sacred (Alecca)
Tales Of The Past - Mask of Innocence (Alecca)
Thinking (Amanda)
Sirocco (Mistress Ace and Prophecy)
The Death Of A Gypsy Girl (Angelus Mistress)
The Man In The Long Black Coat (Blackwinged Angel)
The Price Of Gold (Chris Castro)
Snakes in the Woodshed (Bri Harper)
The Promise of Strawberry Ice Cream (Tha Wrecka)
The Sire Chronicles (Kristyn77)
The Pathetic Truth (Mochaomhog)
Timing Is Everything (Delenn)