*. .>>February 13 03<<*. .*
mani swear im so lazee to update this shiz im bout to give up.. but hm lets see today i woke up at like 8 30 got readie for practice and then got at tha school practiced for like 2 hours then jennifer aldor took me kirsten melissa lien april en clarise to wendys en then there was jennifer en nejel and yea we ate there..then came back to the school and played cards and stuff while other ppl were practicing and then yeaa me kirsten en melissa tried doing our little breaking moves haha but yea whatevers then practiced agen en was hela tired en went home took a shower ate en watched tv..
*. .>>February 08 03<<*. .*
whel today was my first comp for dance and overall it was relie fun.. so yea went to the high skool at 10 n met there and went to narbonne high er something so when we got there we watched the solos perform and then we changed and performed our co ed hip hop.. man so fun.. there were a lot of good skools though..yea and we watched everyone else and then we all ate and went back in and we placed like 4th 2nd 2nd and two of our solos placed 1st in mr and mrs street dance so that was hela fun.. and then just chilled for a while then went back to mira mesa.. kinda fell asleep on the way back home.. so yea then we all went to erics house.. and it was relie fun there too..we watched the performances over en over and yea haha me and kirsten kept wrestling haha and kept running around the house.. then then me and tom kept fighting and were playing with those gun things and yea.. so yea it was fun.. and then they played games en then hmm i duno just chilled and then philip took me and my sister home at like i duno what time so yea but it was relie fun..
*. .>>February 05 03<<*. .*
happy birthday edna en kathehe yea so whelllllll today was modified day en so yea but i had practice in the morning..and yea afterschool uhhhmm just chilled and darrel got me starbucks and thenn we all played card games en which i like lost how many times but MAN that was WHAK hahaa so then after went to practice and left with norman kirsten en mellissa and went to target first en in and out and we were like relie late to practice which sucked .. and when we got there we got in trouble so yea then after practice we had to clean the shit up cuz we were late but its all good.. and yea went home took a shower en watched american idol..
*. .>>February 1-2 03<<*. .*
whel yesterday i woke up at like 6 somethen en got my shiz readie en made shure i had everythen for the san marcos exhibition thing.. and there we met at the high skool en ate some food and then we left for san marcos.. and changed in our costumes en put alll the make up on en alll that ish so yea..and yea we performed and other skools did too.. from what i saw on the tape it looked okay but my hair was like all up on my face man that sucked en i was sooo close to fallen! geez but it was alright and some of our music got screwed up and was faster.. and yea then after we were done we all ate en then jennifer took me to the other jennifers house haha en i got picked up there..and from there i went home took a shower en ate again haha then later in the night me and my sister went to erics house like at 9 er something en most people were there and watched old tapes and then we left at like 12 en got home en fell asleep.. hah yea en thats pretty much it..
*. .>>january 26 03<<*. .*
todaes was kool i went to miss julies house..met up with the great ladies jenny krissy rachielle julie en carrese .. it was fun fun.. we ate soo much .. no joke dude all junk food too..then later geric jermz en richmond en michael came en kicked it yeh then we watched the GREAT game and the bucs one! damn i kNew it too! hahaha it was tiite so yea raiders got killlllledd.. hahaha so yea sorrie gretta fer not kicken its.sorrie!but .yea.. then we ate more food and stuff and watched the game and also watched old tapes of all of us hahaha then we wanted to watch our sleepover but couldnt find it so that sucked..haha but yea then after the BUCS win.. we sang karaoke or should i say MICHAEL sang karaoke cuz no one else relie did haha and it was hela funnie en yea then went on line and stuff hung out and then ppl left en we watched fear factor damn man crayzee show..then michaels mom came en dropped me home and as well as krissy and got home and went online en talked to people..
*. .>>january 24 03<<*. .*
damn man finally finals week is over.. so stressful dude..but yeahs whel after school i went home and find out that i was locked outa the house.. cuz no one was home and my brother took my key so i was gona go to my neigher laurences house but noo what happens? hes locked out to so we wait awhile then my dad gets home so yea me my sis en my neighber sang karaoke hahaha then around 5 30 i went to the school for practice and yea then around 7:30 - 8 i think?.. we performed at the varsity half time show.. MAN i was so NERVOUS..freeken crazyyyyyy haha but i made it through kinda.. haha so yea after the performance some of the dance team went to jamba juice and kicked it there then from there we went to cristinas house and watched tapes .. and yea then i got home at around 12:19. and im here bored but overall the performance went well kinda haha i duno i kept screwing ups!=x
*. .>>january 19-20 03<<*. .*
oo man it was hela fun the past couple days..whel lets see first i went to go to jennys house with krissy and there we met up with jenny en raysh en then julay came..so yea from there we went to the high school to meet up with other people then we went to boba and then from there we went to JoHns hoUse..aww jenny en john are so cute haha whel there we all watched signs and even if i saw it alreadie i still got scared haha but it was fun then it was like bleh too many of them coupLes haha so yea me en krissy walked away from the movie in the other room thingy and talked and julie came and we did some more girl talk..and went back to the movie and stuff.. and basically jes chilled and yea then hmm yea then we had to get julie home rite away so we did en went to julies reel quik aww man i miss that house lots of memories in that house haha so yea then we went to the church to pick up jenny sis from ccd.. and then went back to jennys house and tHeN me and rachielle got picked up to go to my house and yea we ate and then went upstairs looked at old slambooks OMG i was cracken up so hard! freeeken CONCEITED ppl putting like " me " for like every category! please man and that one chick who was conceited was jes so wrong hahaha then we like jes spilled out allll my old letters and crap and dang man jes wana get some of those letters and rub it in ppl faces cuz of lies en all of that hahahaa then we played cards where ahem i BEAT rachielle sooo bad in speed super speed slap jack whatever them games are hahahhahaha haha im jk rachielle beat me by like 3 points why cuz she fREAKEN CHEATED!hahaha then we got hungry and we were walking down the stairs and around my house in the dark haha ya tHeN we talked to like people haha and yeaaa were freeken losers dude no joke.. and then we talked about out obssesion that we swore on that obssesions life we wouldnt say anything hahaha and the white board raysh wrote on mannnn memories on that board haha but yea then we tried waking up jenny by texting her but no haha then yea i duno we slept at like 2 30 i guess haha and yeaaa..then we woke up cuz my sister geez waking us up jes to eat haha but yea then we ate.. dont ever know what happened to krissy saying ima be in your house in the morning haha so yea then we went upstairs and like wrestled for the damn cell phone cuz i always would hide it from her and stuff.. then we talked on the phone and talked and went outside to help my sister look for something and then hmm basically jes talk and hang out and yeaa then she left at like 1 then it got boring and all i did was eat this whole day..it was hela fun though hanging out with them girls cuz usually we all kant hang out at once cuz rachielles so far and krissyswith a new school and all but then carrese wasnt there! grr. but it was great i loved it..
*. .>>january 17 03<<*. .*
as usual went to morning practice and then watched practice in mrs ferros..so then fRom there went to math and had a test then to english and had another test and yea thats it hah after school i went to the doctors cuz i duno ive been coughing like forever.. so yea then went to carls jr and went to jennis house where i kicked it with jenny en julie and jes went online and messed around with the web cam yeaaa then went to go watch like a couple minuTes of the freshman game and then walked back to jennys and did more of that stuff so then uhm geric came and yea kicked it some more and his sister had an accident haha but it was funnie as hell..haha and yea then me en jennifer went to the high school again and watched the guys performwhich was kool.. and then..... kicked it for a little after the performance and then just watched the rest of the game.. hahaha yeaa and other things like that.. then jenny dropped me off at home and thats pretty much it..
*. .>>january 15 03<<*. .*
hmm went to school earlie for co-ed practice..then yea nothing reallies today .. uhm after school went to taco bell with jenny chris angelo and ronald and there we saw gerald jeremy and mart.. and yea then after me and jennifer went back to the school and walked around and talked and then yea aww so happie for...................... haha u knoes whel then..went to practice and then went on my hour break and "conversated" with darrel and then yea hah went outside and beat him up.. and he freeken put me in a headlock en messed up my hair.. geezus and when i though aldrich was a friend they teamed up on me shooot some fRieNds.. freeken got my shoes all dirty! haha and so then darrel took my shoe while practicing and so kalled "cleaned" it haha shureee..and then went to practice again and went home and ate took a shower and yea ..
*. .>>january 14 03<<*. .*
hmmm okay today i had to go to school earlie even if i didnt have practice cuz my sister had practice so yeashh i jes kicked it with stevencuz he went to skool earlie fer some reason haha and then more ppl came so whatevers.then after school went to practice and so on and find out we have to perform nex friday! geeez..haha .anyway..and then fer some reaSon today i was hyper hah jes kept laughen fer no reason! esp in mychild developmen klass hahahaa and then got home from practice ate and then left for CCD where the topicwas "unconditional love" haha man people these days make u laugh.. so much haaha then omg man okay like everyone had to sTand in a circle and in the middle was a table and 10 candles and like 10 at a time would go up kneel down and pray with their candle and then pick your candle up and randomly give it to some one who was standing and my plan was okay when i get the candle give it to krissy hahaa but noo i saw her walk up i was like oh fuck shes gona give it to me! haha and as i thought she did so yea the room was like SILENTcuz it was like one of them take it serious type of things so i go up with jennifer kneel down and likE i CRACK UP MY HARDEST fer no reason it was just omg so funnie and jennifer whispers ' jerome jerome!' and i look beside me theres jerome and then like we all jes started cracken up but it was hard cuz its that feeling where u laugh like hellla hard but at the same time u have to be serious and be quiet en shit so i was like cracken up so hard making the table freeken vibrate cuz i was laughen so hard !!hahahhaa man some funnnie stuff hahaha so then went home and ate took a shower and im here..
*. .>>january 13 03<<*. .*
aS the usual went to school.and saw that hot guy haha gretta en rachielle knoes i have no life big clue rite there haha do u knoe what im talking about kay nvm.. haha.. .and yet agains went to school earlie in tHe morning for practice so then practiced.. and in frist period.. practiced some more.. then went to math nothing relie again got in trouble for talking to much with gretta and was told for a new seating chart but he didnt hahaa cuz we all pretty much shuddup and then to english klass didnt do much but read the miracle worker and yea physics was gay as uSuaL then to lunch where me and julie were gona get our daily routine of buying them fRieS but today we didnt cuz we didnt knoe anyone in line..and yea.. then the rest of my klasses and then went home.. and.. ate watched tv.. go on line do homework.. eat again go online watch tv.. hey i have no life alright..
*. .>>january later in the day 03<<*. .*
haha oh man whata FUN FUN day shoot one of the funnest... haha but yea i went to miss krissys met up with krissy and rachielle then gretta came and we went to michaels party and had some FUNNIEass talks about our undecided memories and all this shit that cracks me up ahh man i misss kicking it with all of them girls..so funnie they crack me up i havent laughed like that in quite a while..then " dayum he smell good" and then rachielles damn he look....." hahahahhaha man that was hella funnie!!!! haha but yea later on all we basically did was dance the nite away.. haha soo fun at least more of the guys were dancing.. freeken jourdan ahha hes so good haha but it was hela fun thought jes dancing the whole time then i guess everyone stopped and the guys played bball.. so then we jes watched while i kept talking to mart and telling him to stop saying sorrie!!! im not mad at u mart ! im mad at freeeken aj ewww MESSED UPP.. pshh whatevers......... but then after we went inside jes chilled en ate and so on and then whatevers and yea haha but it was hela fun today as i thought..then tina dropped me home then we were jes cracken jokes and laughen about how she goes out with guys that look like her brother hahaa then i got home like 11ish so yea..
*. .>>january 11 03<<*. .*
whel lets see u havent been blogging in a while cuz ive been busy this week.. yea this whole week ive been going to school at 7 for practice in the morning then sometimes afterschool practice..so yea whel yea happy late birthday nikki!! love u en miss u lots hehe and happy birthday michael...i have a lot more to say to u but im not gona type it here haha and yesterday happy 7 months to krissy and michaelhaha but so on.. so then hmm yesterday i woke up early went to practice and everyone got videotaped then when the 1st bell rang we changed and went to mrs ferros room to go watch it haha yea it was okays.. so then did my other stuff and then went home and kalled krissy like 10 trillion times.. haha and then i ended up not going anywhere cuz i fell asleep.. haha and then today im planning on going to krissys house and then to michaels party which will prollie be kool er it better be haha but yea then okay.. thats all

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