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Free Adult Web Hosts - Something's Fishy

No-one can dispute the value of free adult webspace hosts to the adult surfer. They give to anyone who knows what FTP and HTML mean the opportunity to create their own adult website at no cost. Lately however some particular free adult webspace providers have been over-stepping the line at what would be considered acceptable methods of returning a profit.

Some hosts are known to hijack ALL traffic from countries which "don't convert" (to use their phrase), such as Japan, Korea, China and Russia, away from the webmaster's site and onto spam traps (some of these traps involve up to a dozen chained popups). They do this either by monitoring the surfer's address or the language that the surfer's browser reports to the host.

One particular host is known to periodically hijack surfers by re-directing them to a 'Enlarge Your Wang' style site, while majorhost and fsn hosts (as detailed elsewhere) engage in the infamous Exitfuel-sponsored spam-o-rama.

This however is trivial compared to a worrying trend where the accounts of webmasters whose sites have proven extremely popular and hence have a high traffic throughput have been killed (although to be fair, some of these are killed for legitimate reasons, e.g. illegally using copyrighted pictures). As these hosts are well aware, even after the account has been terminated there is going to be a persistent and continuous stream of traffic coming in from bookmarks, old links from other websites, search engines, etc. These hosts unscrupulously take advantage of this by bombarding the traffic with multiple exit pop-ups and redirects, instead of any kind of 'This page cannot be found' or 'This site no longer exists' message.

The question is - are these hosts killing the accounts of popular sites simply so that they can cash in on the traffic earned by the now wasted efforts of these webmasters?

Another particularly low practice of some free webspace hosts is to exploit the Internet Explorer Active-X bug, which allows them to place a block of code into the webmaster's page (unbeknown to the webmaster), that can alter your browser's home page or search page, and/or add any number of junk bookmarks to your Favorites list (see the section 'Home Page Hijacking' for more details on this exploit). The free webspace provider, aka among many others, has used this exploit in the past.

One popular free webspace provider has a sneaky clause in their terms and conditions, which allows them to delete the contents of a webmaster's site, and steal the traffic, if the webmaster has not updated his site for a certain period of time. They do this despite the likelihood (or, more likely, because ) the site is still pulling traffic from search engines, links from different sites, bookmarks, etc.

Another popular free host (sexpikz) is also known to initiate an automatic download of a dialer, often named 'movie_player.exe'. For those unfamiliar with dialers, these are a program downloaded to your computer which changes your dial-up service provider to a site that charges anything up to $7 a minute (over $400 an hour!) via your phone bill, for access. Needless to say, there is no such thing as a 'return customer' for these outrageously over-priced sites, which are nothing more than an unscrupulous scam preying on naive surfers.